Bill Jacobson’s Sippin’ on Memories is good ol’ country. Bill takes audiences up and down on memory lane with songs that range from lively like “Three Beers Three Chords & The Truth” to heartfelt like “Four Winds.” In a time where country may as well be pop, it’s great to hear an artist taking it back to the roots. Fans who appreciate the foundations of country music and love artists such as George Jones and Merle Haggard will fall all over what Bill Jacobson has to offer.

Track 1: “Always Loving You” is an entertaining song that will leave audiences with a song stuck in their head and a smile on their face. It’s an obvious love song with a twist. It’s upbeat and fun for everyone. Any girl would want to be on the receiving end of a song like “Always Loving You.”

Track 4: “Sippin’ on Memories” is the title track that takes Jacobson’s listeners on a ride down a path of years gone by. The pick up of tempo at the choruses will get fans heads’ bobbing along which will eventually lead into singing along because “Sippin’ on Memories” is something everyone can relate to.

Track 11: “Searching For a Dream” is country at its best. Country music was at the forefront of music and created most of the basic rules. And rule number one? Tell a story and tell it well. Jacobson does just that with “Searching For a Dream.” Music is all about finding ones self in lyrics and notes and Jacobson’s music allows for that.

Reviewed by Kendra Beltran of Bryan Farrish Radio

I am grateful to all of the many friends and acquaintances that have encouraged the creation of this record.

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Bill Jacobson
Sippin’ on Memories
17069 Vintage Drive
Grass Valley CA 95949

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